Green Telecom

We provide VoIP solutions to manage your business. Currently we are offering services to hundreds of clients within the UK and worldwide. We facilitate our clients with both the hardware equipment and software with many custom features.

SIP User Management

  • Instant and live configuration of SIP Users
  • Group Users for easier Call Route Management
  • Elect extension numbering of your own choice and per user if desired
  • TLS Encryption can be turned on/off per user
  • Listen to User, Whisper to User and Join on
  • User allows comprehensive training features all with adequate permissions to assign who can do what!

Call Routes & Forwarding

  • Forward calls to single, multiple or combinations of internal, external numbers.
  • Forward to logic allows multiple forwards depending on the outcome of previous forward. EG: Wait 30 seconds dialing an extension and if no answer proceed to next
  • Play audio at any time during call routes
  • Audio in place of ringing tone
  • Elect Audio for Music on Hold that persists on a call received via a Call Route as call is transferred between users
  • Call Routes applied to one or multiple numbers and/or Out of Hours diary times.
  • Play audio when picking up a call to help identify its origination (Call Whisper)
  • Repeat any step(s) in a call route to create holding loops.
  • Dial by Extension – let callers enter the extension to be dialed via touch tone.
  • On demand call forwarding from handset and soft phones that support forwarding.

Integrated IVR for Free!

  • Create Press 1, Press 2…. call trees up to 6 x 6 deep instantly
  • Apply easily as call routes and used in conjunction with all other Call Route modules to add voicemail, play audio, send to certain users, groups, external numbers etc.
  • Set what to do if a wrong number is entered or if nothing is entered
  • Dial by Extension - let callers enter the extension to be dialed via touch tone

Out of Hours Diary Management

Extensive diary management allows regular week scheduling and/or blocks of time/days.

Voicemail & Mailboxes

Create mailboxes for individual users or teams.

Audio Music on Hold

Audio can be played instead of a ringing tone

Alternative Caller ID

Choose the outbound Caller ID for any SIP user instantly.

Call Management

See all calls made and their associated costs instantly in Dashboard

Phone Number Transfers

Transfer existing numbers to

Call Recordings Free and Inclusive

Turn on call recordings for call routes and or individual users.

Hardware Integration

Pre-configure SIP Users on your handsets so they are ready to go out of the box1

Call Monitoring & Training

Listen, Whisper and Join calls

Fax to Email

Receive fax for Free to your inbox via a unique VoIP number. Send and receive without a fax machine.

Conference Bridge

Hold conference calls in virtual meeting rooms and enable callers to participate via unique PIN access.

SIP Trunking

Configure incoming and outgoing calls through your own PBX system.

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